Sunday, March 16, 2014

And the Stationery Podcast Universe continues to expand

As many in my shoes, I get weird looks when I say I listen to a podcast about pens, but I also keep forgetting that it's not "normal". And now I've got another to add to my list: Erasable. A podcast about wooden pencils.

I'm a mechanical pencil person, but I still have a basic Tombow in my purse pen case and a few Unis on my desk in my room. Also, I loved the pencil machine back in elementary school. Put in a quarter, turn the dial and a random pencil would come out. I still have a box full of them back in my old room.

Wooden pencils still have a special place in my heart and it's cool to hear about how deep that world actually is and listening to people who've totally gone off the deep end and have discovered they prefer it in the water.

But enough with the metaphors, check out Erasable (sorry there's no link, this is a text post). Not as cracky as The Pen Addict ("cracky" in a good way) but I'm looking forward to the next one.

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