Saturday, March 22, 2014

Feeling refreshed

Maybe I should rethink working late nights on Fridays. I'm going to work at about the same time as always, but feeling so much less miserable.

Or maybe it's just that I'm giddy about my new ink.

If you've seen my Instagram, you know that I made a purchase yesterday.

I went into Hama to meet up with Samancha to have lunch and go to a fountain pen shop.

BungBox is a cozy little shop in the central area of Hama. The store has a nice selection of pens, some awesome exclusive inks, and a variety of accesories. There is a cute wooden writing desk to test out nibs and inks. The owner is a lovely lady with whom I exchanged a few emails beforehand. She really helped us find what we wanted.

Samancha ordered a lovely pen and I tried to control my "kid in a candy store" bliss.

I had already went overboard and bought the full set of colors in the kakuno white series two days before, and thankfully(?) the pen I was most interested in was sold out, so that extra temptation wasn't there.

But a set of four fountain pens posed a different challenge: what inks to use? Just black would be a crime. The blue is my regular, so black makes sense for now. Pink has the pink cartridge in it and is gorgeous. But what to do with the yellow and purple?

I had pretty much decided I would be getting the mikan-colored ink. It was meant for the yellow kakuno. I could see it before I even got to the store and when I tried it, LOVE. I will post more pics when I have time, but it's exactly what I wanted and more.

The purple, the jury is still out. Tried a beautiful purple black, but it didn't fit my image of the pen, so not this time.

In anycase, as the length of this post shows, I had a great time and will be back to BungBox soon.

Also, the OSD haul post is in the making and will be up later, not this week, but in the near future. :)

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