Sunday, March 30, 2014

OSD: Pilot kaküno loadout

Obsessive Stationery Disorder

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I bought one of each color of the kakuno whites after just a bit of time with the Soft Blue.

I originally got the Soft Blue and within two weeks, I gave in and bought the remaining colors and pink cartridges for the Soft Pink at Maruzen. Later, I purchased a beautiful mikan-colored ink at BungBox to put in the Soft Yellow (still working on that post). All that was left was the Soft Violet, but in a desire to have them all inked up, I purchased the violet cartridges on Friday at Tomizen, which just started carrying the kakunos. And now each has some ink in it.

So here is my current loadout (a la Ed Jelley's Weekly Loadout) of kakuno whites. Three of the four are using cartridges, but that will change over time, I assure you.

  • Pilot kakuno - Soft Blue <F> with Pilot black cartridge
  • Pilot kakuno - Soft Pink <F> with Pilot pink cartridge
  • Pilot kakuno - Soft Yellow <M> with BungBox Mikkabi Fresh Mikan
  • Pilot kakuno - Soft Violet <M> with Pilot violet cartridge
Being a total fountain pen newbie, I'm not claiming any sort of authority here, just joting down some thoughts.

Soft Blue with Black Cartridge.
The workhorse of the group. I use it for practically everything. (If it doesn't do the job, I use my Zebra Sarasa Clip.) And with all the usage, I've managed to go through one cartridge in a little over a week.

The ink seems to feather more on some paper than the other inks, but all-in-all, I'm pretty happy with this ink for the time being. I'll probably try some different blacks and greys in the future, but it's not a priority.

Soft Pink with Pink Cartridge.
I saw this in the pictures advertising kakunos and I just fell in love with how that pink ink looked in the clear grip. I had to have it.

And now that I have it, I am quite happy. It's a very bright pink and apparently I'm not too sensitive about my shades of pink because I could be happy with a whole range of pinks here. Though I am considering trying out the Iroshizuku Cosmos in it. There isn't much shading, so I'm hoping other pinks might have it.

Soft Yellow with Fresh Mikan.
I almost didn't buy the Soft Yellow, but then I thought about the mikan ink from BungBox and realized this was the perfect pen for it (at least in my current price range for pens). And just to get more of the shading, I got the M nib.

Verdict: Pure love. I can't get enough of it.

I'm not really an orange person, but this is just glorious. It's harder to find the sweets spot with this nib, but I'm perfectly fine with that. It actually gives more attitude to other people than me, making me love it even more. I honestly love this ink.

Soft Violet with Violet Cartridge.
This pen turned out to be the most difficult for me to fill. I either wanted a light lavender or a deep almost black purple. Not really wanting to wait and finding out that Tomizen, a local stationery store, now had kakunos (meaning the cartridges as well) in stock, I dropped by and picked up a box of violet cartridges.

The ink turned out to be a lot lighter than I expected. I was happy to get some shading, but it wasn't the color I'm looking for. I need to try out Iroshizuku's Murasaki Shikibu and BungBox's Ink of the Witch one more time or L'Amant. This ink is the highest priority for me at the moment, but who knows when I'll be able to hunt for it.

The fun is just beginning. Wait till I have more pens to fill. (^_^)



  1. They do look like gorgeous fountain pens! The pink's my favourite of the four :) but I still love the idea of mikan ink! Oh Japan~

    1. The pics don't do the mikan justice. It's an awesome ink. Shading is drool-worthy. The pink combination is sweet. But the ink is a bit boring, despite how bright it is. Hoping to track down another pink that will up the awesome factor. :)

  2. I want Ink of the Witch just because of the name!

    1. The name *is* a big part of the attraction. I was expecting it to be a bit darker, but I might bring some of my own paper next time and see how it is on stuff I use. :)