Friday, March 7, 2014

OSD-Retail Therapy: Pilot kaküno - Soft Blue - F nib

Obsessive Stationery Disorder

As I mentioned before, I am not a regular fountain pen user, but I'm inching towards that rabbit hole and yesterday, I took a jump.

I had tried out the Pilot Kakuno a few months ago at one of my favorite stationery stores and I really liked it. There was something very accessible about it, as it should be because it is an introductory fountain pen and marketed towards children and getting them to write with fountain pens. Light, easy to hold, smooth, and seriously, that smiley on the nib is just too adorable. And at 1000yen, it was really hard to resist. Expect for one simple, but crucial point: I didn't love the dark grey barrel with any of the cap colors.

If it was a more "serious" pen, then maybe the red or blue or even the pink would have been cool, but the playfulness of this pen and the color combinations just didn't work for me. I really wanted a light turquoisy-blue. But I liked it so much that I debated buying it for a while, until Brad mentioned on the Pen Addict podcast, that Pilot would probably come out with more colors if the line was successful. The idea totally didn't cross my mind and I'm really not sure why it didn't; this is Japan, after all. Regardless, I decided to wait a bit. And the wait paid off.

Yesterday, at that same stationery store, was a display of beautiful spring-colored Kakunos. White barrel, clear grip, and pastel caps. Despite having a fountain pen purchasing trip with Samancha later this month, I got the soft blue one with an F nib. Not quite the blue I wanted, but the combination was too cute to resist. Not to mention, this smiley is winking. How awesome is that?

First impression: fantastic. Just like the one I tried in the store a few months back, it wrote smoothly without a hitch. Really comfortable and light. Possibly too light. I almost have to hold it down to the paper but that leads to me writing like I normally would and so I have to remind myself to not press down so hard with the Kakuno. Maybe a bit more weight would help me just guide the pen across the paper. Something to keep in mind for my next pen purchase.

I'm still totally going to BungBox with Samancha (pretty sure I'm getting a Prera, but gotta try it out first). And now I have another set of questions to ask in addition to my original set of fountain pen newbie questions, namely converters and inks. I was planning to stick with cartridges for the time being, but the instructions in the Kakuno box listed the compatible converters (CON-20 and CON-50) and that got me imagining how this pen would look with the CON-50 and colorful inks peeking through the clear grip. *drool* (Cartridges are disposable and sold filled with ink, while converters are refillable with the ink of your choice. I just figured this out about a month ago.)

I'm already itching to try various Pilot Iroshizuku inks to see what people are raving about and BungBox has some delightful looking original inks that I want to get my hands on. They're cute plus there are some local-themed ones and I'm all about the Hama/Enshu-pride. Maybe not this time, but eventually. I figure it wouldn't hurt to start collecting information.

For now, I am happily playing around with my new Kakuno. It's so cute and a nice way to bring in the spring that currently feels a bit further away than it was a few days ago.



  1. Oooh I love it! Such a cute pen!

    I'm itching to go stationery shopping...and I've had my same old fountain pen for so long! :)

    1. I love this pen so far. So cute and really easy to use.

      I wish you could come with us to the fountain pen shop. It's just around the corner from Samancha's old place.

    2. Aww I wish I could join you both...I've been missing Japan so much recently.

      I'll be there in spirit though - I can picture the street again perfectly!

    3. Will definitely post a report on how it went. And keep notes for when you come to visit. ;)