Sunday, March 23, 2014

OSD: Sun-Star Piri-it (and other tear-able sticky notes)

 I swear, I'll write about my lovely trip to BungBox and the ink that I can't stop raving about soon. But first, here is a post I've been sitting on.

Obsessive Stationery Disorder

One trend I've noticed recently is tear-able sticky notes. Before I get to the glorious Sun-Star Piri-it, let me talk about two others.

The first one I noticed was the cocosasu by Beverly. "Cocosasu" means "point here" and basically, the pointy part of the note detaches and you can point it to the important thing on the page while using the other side to mark the page. They have a variety of patterns including a tie-up with Disney.

Another one I had to buy was the Hobonichi x Mizushima co-produced teardrop for the simple fact that it's a "tear" drop that you "tear". Not sure anyone else in the store got the possibly unintentional word play, but it made me extremely happy. Similar concept, tear the top of the drop and use it to point to stuff on the page.

Unfortunately, as much as I love the concept, these two executions fall rather short. The adhesive on the cocosasu is so shockingly weak that I'm afraid of using it to mark anything important. The teardrops are just sticky enough, but the point of the teardrop forms a triangle, so it's rather difficult to figure out what it's pointing to, especially on a busy page. For marking my tricked-out notebook, these two just don't cut it and I've gone back to using the tiny coco fusen stickies, which work perfectly fine.

Just as I had given up on the tear-able (no pun intended) sticky notes, I came across the Piri-it by Sun-Star. ("piri" is the sound of something tearing on a perforated line.)

The stickiness is perfect and the're made of a thin plastic, making it a little transparent and giving it a solid feel. Unlike the other two, the non-sticky end tears off. Basically, if you have something you need to check later, stick the "LOOK!" sticky on the page. When you check it, tear off the "LO" and you're left with "OK!"

How brilliant is that? Seriously. My mind was blown by the simplicity and functionality of this sticky note. In addition to the "LOOK!" to "OK!", there is a question mark that turns into an exclamation point and a worried face that turns into a, for lack of a better description, non-worried face.

Check out the video from Sun-Star. It's in Japanese, but you'll get the point.

These are brilliant and I'm looking forward to buying more when I use up these.

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