Monday, March 10, 2014

Taxes, taxes, taxes

Part one finished. Not sure if the dude was right, definitely different from last year, but he says this is better, so I'll trust him.

He also wanted to send me to the "type in yourself" line, but that wasn't going to happen. Official English frustrates me, but official Japanese is just intimidating.

I'm paying for my lack of ambition though. The lady behind me in the "somebody types for you" line keeps sighing and bumping into me with her misworn backpack. Thankfully now we're in the seat section so she can't bump into me, but the sighing!

I can stand crying babies, the mothers are dealing with far more than I can imagine, but anyone complaining doesn't get it: other people are filling out the paperwork for us. For free. How awesome is that?

So what if there is a line? I gladly choose this over dealing with the paperwork myself. Seriously, I do this myself, it'll take days of me moping around then an entire day filling it in, then another day triple-checking to make sure I filled it in right.

Nope, love this system compared to the alternative.

That being said, I really need to get my act together next year and at least try to understand what is going on. That, of course, is assuming I'm still working in Japan. More on that later this week.

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