Monday, May 5, 2014


A few days ago, I noticed "mt" bags on the subway. As far as I knew there was no masking tape shop in Nagoya, which meant one thing: mt expo!

And it happened to be in the building where I work.

So I closed my last lesson tomorrow intent on checking it out. But I ended up having time after dinner today and the picture above is the all-too predictable outcome.

There is a table where you can decorate a card for free and while I don't know if it was the intent, everyone who bought something was decorating their bags. But the staff wasn't stopping anyone and I couldn't resist decorating a white bag with the mountains of masking tape on that table.

The 9 o'clock closing time came around and the security guards started to close the gates, so I couldn't finish the "mt" on the back. But I grabbed some black tape to finish it in my room.

All in all, my desimgn is a bit predictable, but not bad, if I do say so myself.

Will post more on Instagram including the stuff I will probably buy tomorrow. Whee!

PS I'm not even that big of an mt fan. :)

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