Monday, July 21, 2014


It's a national holiday, so instead of my Monday early morning schedule, I've put in my usual weekend schedule. I'm teaching three times as many lessons, but I got to wake up three hours later than usual.

There is an added bonus that this is my last day until mid-August. Yay! California, here I come!

Need to go to a work party tonight and tomorrow is a rather packed day with podcast recording, dropping by a certain stationery shop, getting my hair cut, having dinner with a friend, and going to my grandmother's.

I'm taking off on Thursday so I have just Wednesday night to pack but the glory of going home is not having to pack much: just some clothing basics, my iPad, my American cell phone, charger cables, sketchbooks, my watercolor set, blank postcards, my Sarasa set, things for my mom, and that might be it. The fountain pens are staying here. I'm trying to keep to just a carry-on.

But first, work.

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