Friday, July 25, 2014

SoCal 2014: ICN-LAX

After a thirty minute delay because the plane was waiting for someone, we took off and the flight was thankfully uneventful. The flight crew were lovely, though I think I'm going to have to learn some Korean before my flight back. The plane was a double decker and in the back there was a store for duty-free shopping. Food was decent; I appreciated having cereal as a breakfast choice.

In true form, I didn't sleep for the entire over 10 hours. Instead, I watched movies:

  • The Grand Budapest Hotel - It was fun watching it the second time around as well. Such a great movie. It has a clear idea of its own world and stays true to it.
  • The LEGO Movie - Finally got to see this! They didn't have a subbed version in Japan, so I passed on watching it in the theater. I quite liked it. It was way more for the big kids than I expected, but it was fun. Everything is awesome!
  • Tangled - Seen it before, but I wanted to see it again. Love Rapunzel and Eugene. I'm still not sure how Rapunzel got to be so street smart, but it's a Disney movie and allowances need to be made everywhere.
  • Divergent - I was planning on seeing it in the theaters, but I couldn't resist watching it on the plane. It was better than I was expecting. The Wall reminded me of Attack on Titan a bit, and there was nothing particularly brand-new about it, but I liked the storytelling. Will have to look into the books.
  • The Sting - Started watching Captain America, then remembered The Sting was in the line-up. Classic. Since I only had about three hours left, I went with The Sting. I had seen it once years ago, but it really is a damn fine movie. It also felt strange to see Robert Redford as the young guy of a group.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Having only less than an hour left, I went with watching an entertaining movie that I had already seen. Got about halfway through when I switched over to the plane cams as we got closer to LAX. (Watching the bottom cam just before the runway is kind of frightening.)

The plane landed only a few minutes late, despite the thirty minute delay at Incheon. There was no wait while taxiing and immigration and customs at LAX were both relatively painless - a rare occasion for me. Though I did have the fourth volume of Biblia with me, so I was quite pre-occupied while waiting in line.

My mom picked me up (with bottles of water and snacks for me) and we drove home.

The jet lag (and lack of sleep due to movie watching) made me pass out around 4pm, wake up at 8pm, pass out at 11pm and I'm awake again at 5am. But being back in California is glorious.

Plus, Chicago!


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