Friday, August 1, 2014

SoCal 2014 - Berkeley: John Wayne Airport

I haven't been here in ages!

With a good hour before my flight, I'm taking advantage of the free wifi, doing some obligatory pre-flight blogging and maybe try to get a sketch penciled. I keep forgetting how expensive water is. Thankfully I brought my water bottle and I was reminded how much the drinking fountain water is mediocre. Meh, you win some, you lose some.

Headed up to the Bay Area for a dear friend's wedding and I decided to take a trip down memory lane while I'm there, so I'm staying for four days. I also decided this would be the best time to splurge and treat myself to one of the finest hotels in Berkeley.

Now that I'm on a sketching kick, I was considering not even leaving Berkeley, but maybe I'll head over to San Francisco today. But that plan might change once I land.

I really have zero set plans other than the wedding.

In anycase, with wifi in the airports, in the plane, and at the hotel, expect blogging, Instagrams, and sketches. Or rather blogs with Instagrams of sketches. :)

Catch you laters!

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