Sunday, August 31, 2014

TOKIO Fangirl: 101km Marathon

Leader did it. 101km.

Everyone thought he wouldn't make it before the show ended. The staff even told him it was impossible.

And then he ran the last five kilometers to make sure he'd finish in time.

At the very end, just when you'd think the others wouldn't show up, the four other members joined himfor just a few meters into the Budokan and to the top of stairs. Leader made his way down the stairs and turned around and looked up to wait for the other four.

A few seconds passed as Leader put up five fingers and they shook their heads. He put up one finger, then nodded and crossed the goal by himself as the others cheered him on.

They told the staff that this is Kanjani's 24 Hour TV, so they can't go on that stage. This battle was Leader's battle. They didn't want to take any spotlight away from anyone. I totally respect and appreciate how they didn't wear the official 24 Hour TV T-shirts. They showed up for Leader and no other reason. On live nationwide TV, it was an extremely personal moment. I was moved to tears and honestly could not stop crying for the next few minutes. I can't wait to see them in that same Budokan in two months.

I have very mixed feelings about 24 Hour TV, but for tonight, リーダー、お疲れ様です。今夜はゆっくり休んでください。


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