Saturday, September 27, 2014

Is change actually good?

Things are getting changed up at my workplace, both of them. They are out of my control, so there is very little use in worrying myself over them. But still, being jarred from a rhythm I've gotten used it is, well, jarring.

There is the saying that "Change is good" but I don't buy it. Change can be bad. For all of my floaty, daydreaming tendencies, I am a realist. I lean towards bracing for the worst rather than hoping for the best. But I am also a hopeless optimist. I believe that in the end, things will work out, we'll find a way, if not for no other reason than the fact that time moves on regardless of us.

Two sides of the same coin, right? In the grand scheme of the universe, we are an insignificant speck. Not even a blink in the cosmic span of time. But we are a part of it. In the immortal words of Carl Sagan, we are made of starstuff. We are the result of billions of years of the unfathomable universe. Those shiny things in the sky that are so far out of reach are also inside of us. It is both humbling and inspiring.

But back to the mundane subject at hand: Change is not always good. However, I do believe, or rather, I have to believe that change is good for you. It makes you grow, whether you want to or not. It makes you stronger, if you let it. It makes your world bigger and that's always a good thing, at least for me.

So here's to a bigger world, brought on by change. Whatever challenges it may bring, Challenge Accepted.

And to clear the air of this unusually somber, philosophical post, here's a shot of my coffee this morning that looks like Jack Skellington.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

At the Theater: Rurouni Kenshin Double Feature PART TWO

Aside from sitting between two extremely annoying people, all part of going to the theater, it was mass fun the second time around.

And now for Round 2!


And the rest of the cast, but mainly Masha. :)

And the action of course.

Fun stuff. :)

At the Theater: Rurouni Kenshin Double Feature

Because I can.
I wonder if anyone else will be doing the same.

This is going to be awesome!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

It's baaack

After a bunch of WHAT!s, my iPad is back up and running. I need to reinstall everything, which is going to take a while, and I lost everything, which sucks, but it's back and that's what I need.

Thank goodness this didn't happen when I was PMSing. I would have probably wanted to throw my iPad out the window.

Now on to more important matters: Friends! Gyoza! Beer! Guardians of the Galaxy nails! Rum! Groot! Whee!

So iOS 8...

...crashed my iPad mini and now I'm trying to restore it but first I need to update iTunes on my laptop and it's taking forever.

I know I'm going to lose everything on my iPad, but rather than being really bitchy about it, I'm strangely okay with it. Cathartic. A new start.

I'll get into more detail later, hopefully with my iPad up and running, but right now, I'm just hoping the upgrades will finish soon so I can leave on time. Gyoza Festival! Groot!

Friday, September 12, 2014

At the Theater: Lupin the Third


I wish I could have enjoyed that more. The casting was spot on. As well as that car.

But the pace was all wrong.

For once, I want a sequel in hopes that they get it right second time around.

Oguri Shun was great and my personal fave: Tamayama Tetsuji. How I adore this man. Jigen has alway been a favorite, but played by Tamayama Tetsuji. Yeah, he had all of my attention.

I'm glad I watched it but I wish I liked it more. And I will definitely be at the theater if there is a sequel.

At the Theater: Lupin the Third

So looking forward to this!

Monday, September 8, 2014

I should just let it go, but...

I'll be the first to admit that little details bother me more than the average person. Especially when it comes to service.

So when a plate is placed in front of me like this, it takes a lot to not let out an audible sigh. I know Cats Cafe is hardly fine dining, but really?

I can tell, I'm going to turn into one hell of an annoying old lady.


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Personal Trainer: Session One (60 Days Until the Budokan)

I had my first real session today and started it off by waking up with just enough time to not be late. Note to self: Don't stay up late the night before a session.


For this session, we focused on my stiff shoulders and thighs and butt and toes. Lots of small movements but they all worked a bunch of muscles I haven't used in ages. Just like my trial lesson, I could feel a definite improvement. Little improvements, but I'm in it for the long run. Slow and steady.


When we started, my trainer kindly asked about Leader's 24 Hour TV marathon and I answered with a big smile that I was moved to tears. No other details were added because my fangirl babble is either too obsessive for the regular public or simply incoherent. (On that note, Samancha, I apologize for my fangirl state on Monday.)

My trainer was really great about pointing out how the things we were working on would help me jump my little heart out at the concert. I'm still a bit embarrassed of my fangirl motives, but I'm glad I said it because we're moving in the same direction towards a clear and tangible goal.


He checks my every move (encouraging me when I'm doing it right, correcting me when I do it wrong, and showing me again when I look confused) and explains how each exercise helps. Knowing my movements are correct and effective makes me want to do more because I know there will be results. It's not the hamster wheel of going nowhere that was going to the gym or attempting to do something on my own.

He sent me home with exercises to do at home until my next session and when I checked my inbox, there was an email with a summary of today's session along with a description of my homework and a reminder for my next session. Talk about making sure I stay on track. I like it!

Finally, awesome perk: each session ends with assisted stretches that have been more effective in relaxing my body than any massage I've ever had.


Sharing this online, I feel I should be clear: I'm still eating whatever I want (eating a damn good burger while I write this). First, more flexible muscles and being able to touch the floor. Then I'll look into eating more responsibly. Take away the joy of food from me and I will lose the will to live. Like I said, I'm in for the long race and there is no reason to sprint. Slow and steady because there is no end to this race.


So far my legs are okay, but there will be pain tomorrow. I'll do my best to check in with how good or bad I've been with my homework. :)

I have a feeling I'll be sleeping well tonight.