Saturday, September 27, 2014

Is change actually good?

Things are getting changed up at my workplace, both of them. They are out of my control, so there is very little use in worrying myself over them. But still, being jarred from a rhythm I've gotten used it is, well, jarring.

There is the saying that "Change is good" but I don't buy it. Change can be bad. For all of my floaty, daydreaming tendencies, I am a realist. I lean towards bracing for the worst rather than hoping for the best. But I am also a hopeless optimist. I believe that in the end, things will work out, we'll find a way, if not for no other reason than the fact that time moves on regardless of us.

Two sides of the same coin, right? In the grand scheme of the universe, we are an insignificant speck. Not even a blink in the cosmic span of time. But we are a part of it. In the immortal words of Carl Sagan, we are made of starstuff. We are the result of billions of years of the unfathomable universe. Those shiny things in the sky that are so far out of reach are also inside of us. It is both humbling and inspiring.

But back to the mundane subject at hand: Change is not always good. However, I do believe, or rather, I have to believe that change is good for you. It makes you grow, whether you want to or not. It makes you stronger, if you let it. It makes your world bigger and that's always a good thing, at least for me.

So here's to a bigger world, brought on by change. Whatever challenges it may bring, Challenge Accepted.

And to clear the air of this unusually somber, philosophical post, here's a shot of my coffee this morning that looks like Jack Skellington.


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