Friday, October 31, 2014

From Hama to Tokyo!

Got my regular hair cut (not much visual change, but loads lighter on my head) and hopped on the next Shink to Tokyo. The back row was open, so I even have a place to keep my bag. Awesome.

Now I've got about 2 hours to chill and read The Shining.

Happy Halloween! I'm off to Tokyo!

I packed way too much but I remembered my TOKIO stuff and my Halloween gear. Here's hoping the weather isn't too bad.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Turning Pages: Raging Heat

I'll try to get the TDR pics up in a post or two, but right now, I'm waiting for a friend with a chai latte and Richard Castle.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Long time, no see, 6am sky!

I'm catching the familiar 6:06 train, but I'm not headed to work, I'm going to Disneyland!

Well, DisneySea today and Disneyland tomorrow. Then DisneySea again on Saturday. Whee!

I may or may not post updates. But there will be latergrams. Whee!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fantastic Kyoto trip

Duuude, I'm laying on my bed and I can't really move. My legs are dead tired.

So here's a rundown of my day in Kyoto (all times are ish)
  • 7:30 Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9:20 Check out of the hotel and leave my bag to pick up later and head to Kyoto Station
  • 9:25 Drop by Higashi Honganji to say hi to Dad
  • 10:00 Get to Kyoto station and take the JR to Inari station
  • 10:15 Arrive at Fushimi Inari and swim through the sea of tourists and start the trek up to the top
  • 11:30 Meet a really nice old lady who lives on the grounds next to one of the sacred trees and have a rather lengthy conversation with her about what is wrong with society and kids these days
  • 12:45 Reach the top and make the trek back down
  • 1:45 Eat an overpriced zaru udon with inari sushi
  • 2:10 Take the Keihan from Fushimi Inari station up to Sanjo station
  • 2:45 Buy a stack of postcards and a letter set at Susando Hashimoto
  • 2:55 Cross the Kamo River, walk through Gion, visit Yasaka Shrine, go to Nene no michi
  • 3:15 Buy postcards and a letter set at Washi Club
  • 3:20 Walk towards Yasaka Tower
  • 3:40 Buy a stack of postcards at Uragu Hatch
  • 3:50 Try to figure out how to get to Uragu
  • 4:05 Buy a stack of postcards at Uragu
  • 4:10 Chill and rest my feet at Kamo River as I enjoy my strawberry cookie (It was a very good cookie)
  • 4:40 Head back to the hotel at Karasuma Gojo to pick up my bag
  • 5:10 Get my backpack and head to Kyoto station
  • 5:15 Be amused by six blue herons and a litter of cats outside Higashi Honganji
  • 5:30 Get lemonade and a pretzel at Kyoto station because I could
  • 6:15 Buy a little something for myself at Cath Kidston
  • 6:30 Buy a small bag to be a bag-in-bag at Kurochiku
  • 6:50 Get on the Shink back to Nagoya
  • 7:30 Arrive in Nagoya
  • 8:30 Get back to the house, change clothes, and refuse to move from the bed

And now I sleep. I may or may not elaborate on the trip at a later time. Knowing my track record, not going to happen. :)



For me!

At the end of a very long walking day, I bought myself a birthday present.

Also bought a LOT of postcards. Instagrams to come.

Fushimi Inari

A new white fox charm and my favorite sign that makes me fear crows even more.

Kyoto! Again! :) #MelTurns33

Checked out of my hotel. Got an Umaibo and some candy for turning in the unused toothbrush from the room and the survey. Left my backpack at the front desk.

Dropped by Higashi Honganji to say hi to Dad and made my way to Kyoto station.

And now I'm on a train to go to Fushimi Inari and hike up to the top. It's supposed to hot today...

After that it's back up to the Shijo Gion area for stationery shopping!

On the agenda are Susando Hashimoto, Washi Club, Uragu Hatch, and Uragu. Will do my best to not go overboard.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

At the Theater: Guardians of the Galaxy

Again! Whee!

Kishimen at Atsuta Jingu

Got my TOKIO merch, wandered around trying to get to Atsuta Jingu, had a bit of an incident, got to Atsuta Jingu, was overwhelmed by the power of this place, found a kishimen spot inside, and now resting my feet as the rain gets heavier.

A good day so far. Crossing my fingers on the typhoon though.

TOKIO Goods Day: WTF

So I may or may not have mentioned that I didn't get the Nagoya show and got the first Budokan show (my second choice) instead.

While I did think about tracking down a Nagoya ticket, my other travel plans were coming to be so I decided to pass. (I know, shock, right?)

But since it is before the Budokan shows (yes, I'm going to both) I figured I'd get the goods in Nagoya so I wouldn't have to line up in Tokyo. This plan was undermined by the fact that there is a limited edition numbered headset on sale at only the Budokan. So I will be lining up on Nov 1, but carrying my concert bag and wearing my tricked out T-shirt.

Anyways, I took today off and made plans to arrive an hour before goods went on sale. Ended up sleeping in a bit, but figured it wouldn't be a problem. As much as I love my boys and think they are the best, they aren't SMAP or Arashi. Fan rabidness isn't as wide-spread.

Or so I thought.

I arrived about 30 minutes before sales start time expecting a few hardcore fans and found a sign saying the line starts downstairs.



I went down to find a long line of people young and old, men and women, going out the door and along the outside of the building.


This TOKIO we're talking about.

I had no idea they had gotten this popular. Dude. I'm really happy they're getting the attention and love that they rightfully deserve. But when did this happen?

Two years ago, I arrived 30 minutes befor goods went on sale, was third in line, got in and out and that was it.

Maybe because it's the 20th anniversary tour. But still...

Whatever the reason, I'm happy for their popularity and I'm mainly writing this post to pass the time.

One thing I notice, is that you can't tell what concert this is from the people in line. I see a few 1718 folks and some from the Plus tour, but yeah, not much else. Budokan will be different.

Okies. My turn!