Friday, October 10, 2014

Fantastic Kyoto trip

Duuude, I'm laying on my bed and I can't really move. My legs are dead tired.

So here's a rundown of my day in Kyoto (all times are ish)
  • 7:30 Breakfast at the hotel
  • 9:20 Check out of the hotel and leave my bag to pick up later and head to Kyoto Station
  • 9:25 Drop by Higashi Honganji to say hi to Dad
  • 10:00 Get to Kyoto station and take the JR to Inari station
  • 10:15 Arrive at Fushimi Inari and swim through the sea of tourists and start the trek up to the top
  • 11:30 Meet a really nice old lady who lives on the grounds next to one of the sacred trees and have a rather lengthy conversation with her about what is wrong with society and kids these days
  • 12:45 Reach the top and make the trek back down
  • 1:45 Eat an overpriced zaru udon with inari sushi
  • 2:10 Take the Keihan from Fushimi Inari station up to Sanjo station
  • 2:45 Buy a stack of postcards and a letter set at Susando Hashimoto
  • 2:55 Cross the Kamo River, walk through Gion, visit Yasaka Shrine, go to Nene no michi
  • 3:15 Buy postcards and a letter set at Washi Club
  • 3:20 Walk towards Yasaka Tower
  • 3:40 Buy a stack of postcards at Uragu Hatch
  • 3:50 Try to figure out how to get to Uragu
  • 4:05 Buy a stack of postcards at Uragu
  • 4:10 Chill and rest my feet at Kamo River as I enjoy my strawberry cookie (It was a very good cookie)
  • 4:40 Head back to the hotel at Karasuma Gojo to pick up my bag
  • 5:10 Get my backpack and head to Kyoto station
  • 5:15 Be amused by six blue herons and a litter of cats outside Higashi Honganji
  • 5:30 Get lemonade and a pretzel at Kyoto station because I could
  • 6:15 Buy a little something for myself at Cath Kidston
  • 6:30 Buy a small bag to be a bag-in-bag at Kurochiku
  • 6:50 Get on the Shink back to Nagoya
  • 7:30 Arrive in Nagoya
  • 8:30 Get back to the house, change clothes, and refuse to move from the bed

And now I sleep. I may or may not elaborate on the trip at a later time. Knowing my track record, not going to happen. :)



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