Sunday, October 5, 2014

TOKIO Goods Day: WTF

So I may or may not have mentioned that I didn't get the Nagoya show and got the first Budokan show (my second choice) instead.

While I did think about tracking down a Nagoya ticket, my other travel plans were coming to be so I decided to pass. (I know, shock, right?)

But since it is before the Budokan shows (yes, I'm going to both) I figured I'd get the goods in Nagoya so I wouldn't have to line up in Tokyo. This plan was undermined by the fact that there is a limited edition numbered headset on sale at only the Budokan. So I will be lining up on Nov 1, but carrying my concert bag and wearing my tricked out T-shirt.

Anyways, I took today off and made plans to arrive an hour before goods went on sale. Ended up sleeping in a bit, but figured it wouldn't be a problem. As much as I love my boys and think they are the best, they aren't SMAP or Arashi. Fan rabidness isn't as wide-spread.

Or so I thought.

I arrived about 30 minutes before sales start time expecting a few hardcore fans and found a sign saying the line starts downstairs.



I went down to find a long line of people young and old, men and women, going out the door and along the outside of the building.


This TOKIO we're talking about.

I had no idea they had gotten this popular. Dude. I'm really happy they're getting the attention and love that they rightfully deserve. But when did this happen?

Two years ago, I arrived 30 minutes befor goods went on sale, was third in line, got in and out and that was it.

Maybe because it's the 20th anniversary tour. But still...

Whatever the reason, I'm happy for their popularity and I'm mainly writing this post to pass the time.

One thing I notice, is that you can't tell what concert this is from the people in line. I see a few 1718 folks and some from the Plus tour, but yeah, not much else. Budokan will be different.

Okies. My turn!

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