Tuesday, November 4, 2014


From the station on the lake, I went on a hiking course that took me across the river, through the woods and over a number of bridges, each with their own personalities. Some a bit frightening, though none as terrifying as the bridge at Shiogo.

Walking today was great. Especially since today is the day after a three day weekend, I have the place almost all to myself.

Currently taking a break before crossing back over the river. Snuck my leftover rice and fish from breakfast with me as a make-shift onigiri. (Yay for ziplock bags.) Also bought some kashiwa mochi at a station from some local ladies. And there have been drinking fountains in very convenient locations, so I'm set for lunch. Even brought my tarp with me so I don't have to sit directly on a very mossy picnic bench.

And the weather! It's perfect! Sunny and cool.

I considered going down to Senzu for some tea shopping, but that can wait until tomorrow. Which also means I need to find stuff to do for about three more hours but knowing me and the sheer number of photos I just took, I think I'll manage. :)

Expect lots of Instagrams when I get back to my room tonight.

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