Monday, December 22, 2014

Ravenclaw nails-Part One

Samancha comes into town tomorrow for Interstellar, magic hot chocolate, and BINGO at a burger joint.

Then we're off to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas at Hogsmeade. Whee!

Expect mass Latergrams over the next few days.

As has become a thing for me this year, I've decided to do my nails for the occasion.

Ravenclaw colors in a candy cane stripe pattern and I'm hoping to pick up something today for holly leaves. I already have gems for the berries.

On a side note, out of pure coincidence, my nails match my new bag. I swear that was not planned.

Today's to-dos:
-Lunch with a dear friend
-Find holly leaves for my nails
-Training (maybe the last time this year)
-Check the weather and pack for USJ
-Make enough space for Samancha to sleep over

Here we go. :)

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