Thursday, January 29, 2015

What I Accomplished Today

This will most likely not be daily and definitely not include everything, but I feel the need to look back on the productiveness of my day. Celebrate the small victories. Because some days laundry is just laundry and others, conquering the laundry basket parfait is something that deserves celebration. That's life.

Tentative process of these posts, start a keitai post when something gets done, add to the list throughout the day, finish off and post on the commute home. For days off, I'll think about it when Monday rolls around.

Thursday, January 29th

1. Finished my work nails

2. Flushed out and cleaned my pen because the converter was leaking again. Currently using a cartridge.

3. Fixed my work nails after I screwed them up in the shower

4. Posted work nails on Instagram and started a new hashtag to keep track of them

5. Sent off an email rather than just letting the draft sit on my iPad until it was irrelavant

6. Had lunch instead of getting bread and just filling up on carbs

7. Got through work relatively painlessly

Nail-centric, but still productive. :)

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