Sunday, February 1, 2015

Today's wins

Saturday, January 31

1. Managed to crawl out of bed early enough to watch one and a half TED talks, both by Sir Ken Robinson, and feel energized as a result

2. Performed temporary repairs to a broken nail

3. Switched pen cases to one that better fits my current bag and allows me to carry more pens (namely the TOKIO 5)

4. Began various travel planning, most only in my head, but one on paper

5. Brought my 5-year diary and Word of the Day notes up-to-date

6. Got through the work day relatively unscathed

7. Had a good time at a work shindig

8. Got out in time to catch the second to last train

9. Got a booking rate of 100% in January

10. Got through the day on about 3 hours of sleep

If I end up going to sleep earlier than I did last night, which isn't too hard, I'm calling it a win.

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