Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Permed! Second time around.

This time, it took.

Or at least it looks like it did.

My stylist was quite pleased. Last time he called my hair his enemy. Actually he did this time too. He also called it steel. But, he added, steel can bend.

I love it. I like me in curls.

Retail Therapy: Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtrack

It was a sort of impulse buy.

I had been meaning to buy it for a while, but the Japan iTunes didn't have it and I forgot about it.

Until I heard Hooked on a Feeling on TV last night and remembered I've been using the US store since I went home a few months ago.

After this realization, I went straight to iTunes and it is proving to be a very satisfying purchase.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Being Me

So I'm on the train to work and I saw my reflection in the glass and realized that I like what I see.

Sure, there are improvement points. There are always improvement points. But for once, they are improvement points that I've chosen for myself and not just to fit in or not stand out so much.

It's silly. I don't like fitting in in the first place.

And then I realized this look that I like for myself is my trusty t-shirt and jeans with my hair down. If it was sunny, I'd have my sandals on. Such a SoCal girl.

And then I realized I've been trying to fit in here. In Japan. And that is probably my downfall. I'm denying who I am. I am a Californian. Not just that, I am a Golden Bear.

I came upon this realization about a month ago and it's become a mantra.

I am a Golden Bear.

I forget that sometimes, but when I remind myself, things become clear.

I've been on the lookout for a golden bear pendant to help me remember, but unable to find one that is just right.

However, I did order a little something at the Creators Market that I'll be picking up next weekend. Looking forward to it.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

At the Theater: Mockingjay: Afterthoughts

Note: Might be spoilerish

I tend to have issues with adaptations, but maybe I've forgotten a lot about the book, because I really enjoyed that and with no "That's not how it was in the book!"

Things noticed:
-Buttercup sounds just like a pissed off Chicago. Big fluffiness too.
-I like Katniss and Peeta. I'm rather indifferent about Gale.
-Felt a twang in my chest in Plutarch's first scene.
-Love Effie! Love Effie so much.
-And Cinna. Cried at the sketches.
-Cried at a lot of points. I think I needed the emotional release. I am attached to these characters. Especially Peeta.
-I like Julianne Moore as Coin.

The Japanese version started off with a recap of the previous two movies that I felt was unnecessary. However, I did like at the end when it went through all of the Mockingjay symbols and announced Part 2 will open in Japan with the rest of the world. Quite glad about that. Part 1 ended exactly where I thought it would and I am as upset with the current state of things in movie Panem as I thought I would be.

But now, it's time to get back to my room and into my bed.

Are you

Are you

Coming to the tree?

At the Theater: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay-Part One

Or the Japanese title, Hunger Game FINAL: Resistance.

This whole series didn't really take off here. Two weeks after it opened, there's only one showing at 8:30pm in the Premiere Screen at regular price. The leftover treatment. Small screen, nice seats. No clue if it'll still be around next time I have a night off. So I see it tonight or I might not see it in the theaters. Suckiness. And having read the books, I can guess how this movie is going to end. Sigh.

And note to self, TOHO Baycity, Premiere Screen 1, Row C is DAMN close!

CreaMa vol.32: Day Two: Here we go again

Picked up stuff, ordered stuff, ordered more stuff...and bought more stuff.

I think I'm done for this time. So much money! So much good stuff!

In line for some food and when I finish that, I might just head to the movie theater early.

CreaMa vol.32: Day Two: A late start and new rainboots

Partially because I already bought most of what I'm going to buy yesterday and partially to prevent me from buying more stuff (totaled my purchases from yesterday...wow) and partially because I'm going to another movie tonight (Mockingjay: Part One) and getting back past midnight, I opted for a late start today.

The rain has come so I'm taking out my new rainboots. (The previously mentioned pair of rainshoes is still getting broken in.) The shortness prevents me from carefree stepping in puddles, but on days with lighter rain, they seem to work so far.

Today I'll be picking up a glass charm I ordered yesterday and putting in an order for a canvas bag. Also checking out a few exhibitors who weren't there yesterday. And that's about it.

Should be pretty chill. I emphasize "should".

Saturday, June 20, 2015

At the Theater: Mad Max

A lovely way to finish to a pretty awesome day. Expensive, but pretty damn awesome.

Also: More foreigners in the theater than I'm used to. Then again, it's opening night and I usually watch movies on weekday afternoons.

CreaMa vol.32: Day One: Finished!

So I stayed under budget, but my budget was damn big.

The largest expense was this bad ass ring. Once I saw it, I had to have it.

I'll post a haul pic later.

Tomorrow is going to be more chill. I have one item to pick up and will possibly place an order that will take me over budget. Need to make some colorway choices...

Now to head back to Meieki, get some food, chill, then it's time for Mad Max.

CreaMa vol.32: Day One: In line

First time here before noon. So many people! This time I got a coupon from an artist friend. Yay!

Also, did my nails for CreaMa and for Mad Max later tonight. Whee!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Shapesmithing: Jelly arms

Using the awesome term Samancha told me about, I went to my shapesmith (trainer) today.

I had noticed a while ago that the training studio had the set up for TRX suspension training. I did it once ages ago post-Boston pre-Nagoya and I liked it. It was damn hard, but I liked it.

So last week, wanting to take my training to the next level, and in all honesty take some pressure off my poor trainer when it comes to my utter inability to do a roll-up (though I am getting better), I asked if we could do some TRX. Knowing full well it was both a smart and dumb idea.

My current condition of jelly arms proves my prediction correct. That was hard. But so good. And my arms are going to be useless tomorrow.

It also helped my trainer get a better idea of the state of my body as well i.e. just how weak my arms, specifically biceps, are. But some of the stuff he said I did really well, so yay! TRX has now been added to the training menu, so I have weeks of jelly, and hopefully stronger, arms ahead of me.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Shoe update: Breaking shoes in sucks

Not really a surprise, my new shoes, particularly the left one, gave me blisters.

Yesterday I got some pads that came off quite quickly, so I dropped by the drugstore and got some bandages for my pinky toes and bigger pads for the heels.

Just put them in. Getting some relief, but we'll see how they are after the commute home.

New shoes are such a pain. Literally and metaphorically.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Retail Therapy: Rain shoes

I love my huaraches style SAS sandals (so comfortable), but they don't seem like they'd like the rain much and with the rainy season on the way, that poses a problem.

I have a pair of jelly shoes, but they rub my left pinky toe and they're multi-colored polka dots, which are lovely, but also hard to match sometimes. A pad should do the trick for my toe (it's on my to-buy list) but I still need some rain shoes that can look formal if need be.

Most rain shoes looked okay, but not quite what I wanted. And then I found these. Padded inside and comfortable without sockes. Sealed to prevent seeping and fast-drying. Putting them to the test today. Not raining yet, but looks like it might pour tonight.

They were a bit expensive, but the salesman was quite convincing.

I even bought a pair of rainboots. Love the ones I have now, also polka dot, but they are long and a bit heavy. Total typhoon gear.

These new ones are shorter. And look like sneakers. I'll post pics when I take them out for their first walk. They were a bit big, but I wasn't wearing socks that day and the sales guy threw in a pair of insoles for free.

Anyways, so far so good with these shoes. I may or may not report back later tonight.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Turning Pages: 図書館戦争 15

Again against my better judgement, I went out while I'm still sick. This time to Meieki to pick up the final 図書館戦争 which turns out to not be the final.

Yumi-sensei is doing Bessatsu!!!


Well, okay, maybe not ever, but still, my happiness factor has gone WAY up. It was impossible reading the novels with a straight face; I can't wait to see how Yumi-sensei translates that to manga form.

*dumb smile just thinking about it*

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Against my better judgement

Despite still occasionally coughing up a storm, I went out with some fellow WCBF peoples from the three years ago.

It was fun. Granted I don't talk much in these situations for the combined reasons of the presence of more talkative people, the lack of anyone that I know well, and that groups bigger than 5 intimidate me. I don't know if I seem aloof or uninterested, but in general, I take on a persona that I don't even care for.

I should work on that.

I don't dislike going out, but I don't know how to act. Or how I want to act. I'm afraid of having to engage in conversations that I'm not equipped to handle. Past scars? Fear of exposing weak points I'm not aware of? General suspicion and lack of trust? Grass is always greener complex? You'd think at 33 years old I'd be over that. Maybe I'll never get over it.

But first, to get back to my bed to sleep off this cough. Still have next weekend off and am strongly thinking of keeping it that way.