Friday, June 26, 2015

Being Me

So I'm on the train to work and I saw my reflection in the glass and realized that I like what I see.

Sure, there are improvement points. There are always improvement points. But for once, they are improvement points that I've chosen for myself and not just to fit in or not stand out so much.

It's silly. I don't like fitting in in the first place.

And then I realized this look that I like for myself is my trusty t-shirt and jeans with my hair down. If it was sunny, I'd have my sandals on. Such a SoCal girl.

And then I realized I've been trying to fit in here. In Japan. And that is probably my downfall. I'm denying who I am. I am a Californian. Not just that, I am a Golden Bear.

I came upon this realization about a month ago and it's become a mantra.

I am a Golden Bear.

I forget that sometimes, but when I remind myself, things become clear.

I've been on the lookout for a golden bear pendant to help me remember, but unable to find one that is just right.

However, I did order a little something at the Creators Market that I'll be picking up next weekend. Looking forward to it.

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