Sunday, June 21, 2015

CreaMa vol.32: Day Two: A late start and new rainboots

Partially because I already bought most of what I'm going to buy yesterday and partially to prevent me from buying more stuff (totaled my purchases from and partially because I'm going to another movie tonight (Mockingjay: Part One) and getting back past midnight, I opted for a late start today.

The rain has come so I'm taking out my new rainboots. (The previously mentioned pair of rainshoes is still getting broken in.) The shortness prevents me from carefree stepping in puddles, but on days with lighter rain, they seem to work so far.

Today I'll be picking up a glass charm I ordered yesterday and putting in an order for a canvas bag. Also checking out a few exhibitors who weren't there yesterday. And that's about it.

Should be pretty chill. I emphasize "should".

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