Thursday, June 11, 2015

Retail Therapy: Rain shoes

I love my huaraches style SAS sandals (so comfortable), but they don't seem like they'd like the rain much and with the rainy season on the way, that poses a problem.

I have a pair of jelly shoes, but they rub my left pinky toe and they're multi-colored polka dots, which are lovely, but also hard to match sometimes. A pad should do the trick for my toe (it's on my to-buy list) but I still need some rain shoes that can look formal if need be.

Most rain shoes looked okay, but not quite what I wanted. And then I found these. Padded inside and comfortable without sockes. Sealed to prevent seeping and fast-drying. Putting them to the test today. Not raining yet, but looks like it might pour tonight.

They were a bit expensive, but the salesman was quite convincing.

I even bought a pair of rainboots. Love the ones I have now, also polka dot, but they are long and a bit heavy. Total typhoon gear.

These new ones are shorter. And look like sneakers. I'll post pics when I take them out for their first walk. They were a bit big, but I wasn't wearing socks that day and the sales guy threw in a pair of insoles for free.

Anyways, so far so good with these shoes. I may or may not report back later tonight.

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