Monday, June 15, 2015

Shapesmithing: Jelly arms

Using the awesome term Samancha told me about, I went to my shapesmith (trainer) today.

I had noticed a while ago that the training studio had the set up for TRX suspension training. I did it once ages ago post-Boston pre-Nagoya and I liked it. It was damn hard, but I liked it.

So last week, wanting to take my training to the next level, and in all honesty take some pressure off my poor trainer when it comes to my utter inability to do a roll-up (though I am getting better), I asked if we could do some TRX. Knowing full well it was both a smart and dumb idea.

My current condition of jelly arms proves my prediction correct. That was hard. But so good. And my arms are going to be useless tomorrow.

It also helped my trainer get a better idea of the state of my body as well i.e. just how weak my arms, specifically biceps, are. But some of the stuff he said I did really well, so yay! TRX has now been added to the training menu, so I have weeks of jelly, and hopefully stronger, arms ahead of me.

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