Sunday, July 5, 2015

CreaMa vol.32: Special Order Pick-up

About a month ago, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed, for lack of a better word.

And while I was looking for ways to center myself, I found peace in the knowledge that I am a California girl. That is a strong part of my identity. A Califoria Girl. A Cal Girl. Cal. The University of California, Berkeley. The Golden Bears. I am a Golden Bear.

And no matter what happens. No matter where I go. This is a fact that will not change. It is an honor and a privilege. I am proud to be a Golden Bear.

But sometimes I forget this about myself. And I get lost and feel helpless. A month ago was one of those times.

Until I remembered that I am a Golden Bear.

And I started to look for ways to remind myself. A pendant or charm perhaps. I kept my eyes open at CreaMa and came across a brass and silver artist, different from the one who made my ring, who would imprint custom messages onto brass bangels. So I ordered a bangle and it was ready for pick up at his store in Osu today. There was a bit of a mix-up, but he sorted it out quite efficiently. A few adjustments to fit it to my wrist and it's lovely.

This is my anchor.

Lest I forget.

I am a Golden Bear.

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