Monday, August 31, 2015

Training: Wow, that was a lot of sweat

Last training session before England.

TRX. VIPR. And sweat. Whee!

I have never had a problem with sweat after exercise. I rather enjoy it, to be honest. But I'm still not at the point where I would ever do this much on my own. Not sure I ever will. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing.

Anyways, had to rush out to catch a train to Shizuoka, so I'm still pretty sweaty. Thank goodness for body wipes. Sorry, TMI?

The Shink just played Ambitious Japan, so I'm a happy camper. A sweaty one, but a happy one, nonetheless.

Two more days!

Thoughts scattered. Apologies if this post is more random than usual.

That is the state of my brain right now. But life is good and that's what matters.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


Dropped by UNIQLO after work to get an UltraDown vest for my trip. Hoping that if I keep my core warm, I should be somewhat okay. We shall see.

Now to get back to my room, do some laundry, and start packing.

Just a few more (busy) days! Whee!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

So. Um. Tokyu Hands.

Thought I'd drop by to pick up a pen grip and I forgot the massive sale started today. It's a Thursday! I still have loads of time until work, so it's all good, but look at these lines!

Will post the haul later.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A little over a week

Work through Sunday, training on Monday, hair cut and perm on Tuesday, lunch with a friend on Wednesday, then flying to England on Thursday.

I so need to pack. And pick up some chilly weather clothes, from the sound of it.

Speaking of clothes, my shirts are starting to fit more loosely than before. Score! Wearing my Torii Hunter shirt today. And I actually want tighter fitting training wear. Awesome stuff.

Okies, time to get food and go to work.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to Work

Put on make-up for the first time in a week. Not entirely happy about that, but what can I do? I work in Japan and my physical appearance counts for more than I'd like at my job. I shouldn't complain, though. The dress code is nowhere as strict as it could be. I'd never make it in a truly corporate job.

So, full schedule today and getting there tomorrow.

Gotta get the work in now. England is just around the corner.

Accomodation arrangements have been made and I've started to pack. Need to pick up some essentials (finally getting a new camera) and extras. Have been talking to my trainer to figure out a daily regimen for the two weeks I'll be away. Plans are forming and I'm getting some things done before I leave.

That sounds so much more productive than I actually am. :)

Changing topics, my few days of seclusion were totally worth it. Ouroboros was just as good as I remember it. And sitting on my bed all day, I could hardly notice my sore arms and legs. Score!

Though honestly it wasn't as bad as I was expecting, so I might ask to keep that level in future sessions. Keep pushing. No pain, no gain.

And now I'm at my station so I'll end my rambling here.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


So awesome! It's a such a serious episode, but the audio commentary is hilarious. This is what an audio commentary should be.

A beautiful mix of bts, silent watching, related laughter, unrelated laughter, and 100% distraction.

For whatever reason, the producer decided to add audio to the episodes 5 and 6 WHEN THEY AIRED. Which is obviously the first time any audience would see them. You can't really record the second voice track, so people had to decide whether to focus on the story, which was starting to get pretty heavy at this point, or listen to what promised to be, and truly was, pure unrelated chaos. (It was only in the Kanto area, so I couldn't see it anyways.) Even Toma and Shun and Muro Tsuyoshi were constantly wondering outloud if this was right or not.

They didn't do Ep7, but lots of people said "Do more!" so they brought it back with guests. Chaos.

For the last episode, they only aired the first half of the commentary and let the audience enjoy the very end without the madness. (The DVD has the full commentary.)

As a beautiful example of commentary chaos, during this Episode 8 scene, which is huge story-wise, Yoshida Yo said "And now kiss!"

"Were we this close?"
"That looks really close"
"Right around here we both got sick at the same time"
"Is this why you two got sick?"

So awesome.

Watching the the Urabaras episodes first then binge watching the whole series tomorrow. Including a director's cut of the last episode. It's going to be awesome. Love this drama so much.

Monday, August 17, 2015

OMG I literally wrung out my skirt. Three times.

It's pouring. Seriously pouring.

Typically, I'd wait out the storm, but I've got training at 4 and there are some train delays between here and Nagoya so I took off a bit early to be on the safe side.

In the less than 10 minute walk to the station, my skirt got completely soaked and I gave up avoiding puddles because my shoes and feet couldn't be any wetter. Squishy!! So much water...

I love rain actually, but when train travel with a full backpack are involved, it's a bit of a bother.

On the train now, so it's all good.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Gah! Time for the emergency cash!

I forgot my wallet in my room and just realized it on my way out of the station to work.

The last time I did this, I realized it at the register after I had finished lunch. Wanting to avoid that embarrassing ordeal from happening again, I stashed cash in my pass case.

And my forgetful self has proven this preparation was necessary. Embarrassment averted.

Still disappointed in myself for forgetting my wallet, but the plan worked and my lettering made the stash easy to find. So let's call this a win.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Look what I got!

*happy dance*

Yes! Toma and Shun! Ikuo and Tatchan!

With so many extras!

I'm waiting until after Obon to binge watch the actual drama, with the commentary on, but there are other extras to enjoy in the meantime.

So much fun to be had. Expect sporadic squeeing and practically incoherent fangirl blogging for the next three weeks or so. #sorrynotsorry

Also: My legs are killing me when I go down stairs. Mainly quads, but pretty much everything in the upper leg/butt area. Yep, worked those muscles good yesterday. Good stuff.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Rain! and Jelly Legs!

NOTE: Pic taken near my home station.

After a fun yet slightly hard training session (seriously, I was laughing at how much I couldn't do some of those moves), I decided to let my jelly legs take my sweaty self to the Maruzen where I picked up some postcards (Instagram to come) and a pair of hiragana and katakana practice books.

I can read and write them, but never formally learned them, so my characters look a bit unnatural. Plus I need something to amuse my brain while I try to fall asleep.

Rereading ONE PIECE has proved unhelpful and I've been trying to ween myself away from my iPad at least 30min before falling asleep. Hopefully, tracing simple Japanese characters will be two birds with one stone.

I was going to stay at the bookstore longer, but I heard a loud clap of thunder and remembered the weater forecast. Rushed down to the register where I witnessed and heard a comical onslaught of rain.

Got to the subway and now I'm hoping the sky has gotten it out of its system by the time I make it to my home station.

Also: Stairs! OMG! Jelly legs!

And looks like it's now clear skies for a bit. Sweet.