Thursday, August 20, 2015

Back to Work

Put on make-up for the first time in a week. Not entirely happy about that, but what can I do? I work in Japan and my physical appearance counts for more than I'd like at my job. I shouldn't complain, though. The dress code is nowhere as strict as it could be. I'd never make it in a truly corporate job.

So, full schedule today and getting there tomorrow.

Gotta get the work in now. England is just around the corner.

Accomodation arrangements have been made and I've started to pack. Need to pick up some essentials (finally getting a new camera) and extras. Have been talking to my trainer to figure out a daily regimen for the two weeks I'll be away. Plans are forming and I'm getting some things done before I leave.

That sounds so much more productive than I actually am. :)

Changing topics, my few days of seclusion were totally worth it. Ouroboros was just as good as I remember it. And sitting on my bed all day, I could hardly notice my sore arms and legs. Score!

Though honestly it wasn't as bad as I was expecting, so I might ask to keep that level in future sessions. Keep pushing. No pain, no gain.

And now I'm at my station so I'll end my rambling here.

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