Tuesday, August 18, 2015


So awesome! It's a such a serious episode, but the audio commentary is hilarious. This is what an audio commentary should be.

A beautiful mix of bts, silent watching, related laughter, unrelated laughter, and 100% distraction.

For whatever reason, the producer decided to add audio to the episodes 5 and 6 WHEN THEY AIRED. Which is obviously the first time any audience would see them. You can't really record the second voice track, so people had to decide whether to focus on the story, which was starting to get pretty heavy at this point, or listen to what promised to be, and truly was, pure unrelated chaos. (It was only in the Kanto area, so I couldn't see it anyways.) Even Toma and Shun and Muro Tsuyoshi were constantly wondering outloud if this was right or not.

They didn't do Ep7, but lots of people said "Do more!" so they brought it back with guests. Chaos.

For the last episode, they only aired the first half of the commentary and let the audience enjoy the very end without the madness. (The DVD has the full commentary.)

As a beautiful example of commentary chaos, during this Episode 8 scene, which is huge story-wise, Yoshida Yo said "And now kiss!"

"Were we this close?"
"That looks really close"
"Right around here we both got sick at the same time"
"Is this why you two got sick?"

So awesome.

Watching the the Urabaras episodes first then binge watching the whole series tomorrow. Including a director's cut of the last episode. It's going to be awesome. Love this drama so much.

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