Monday, August 3, 2015

Rain! and Jelly Legs!

NOTE: Pic taken near my home station.

After a fun yet slightly hard training session (seriously, I was laughing at how much I couldn't do some of those moves), I decided to let my jelly legs take my sweaty self to the Maruzen where I picked up some postcards (Instagram to come) and a pair of hiragana and katakana practice books.

I can read and write them, but never formally learned them, so my characters look a bit unnatural. Plus I need something to amuse my brain while I try to fall asleep.

Rereading ONE PIECE has proved unhelpful and I've been trying to ween myself away from my iPad at least 30min before falling asleep. Hopefully, tracing simple Japanese characters will be two birds with one stone.

I was going to stay at the bookstore longer, but I heard a loud clap of thunder and remembered the weater forecast. Rushed down to the register where I witnessed and heard a comical onslaught of rain.

Got to the subway and now I'm hoping the sky has gotten it out of its system by the time I make it to my home station.

Also: Stairs! OMG! Jelly legs!

And looks like it's now clear skies for a bit. Sweet.

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