Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday is my happy day

Survived two days of work while severely jet-lagged and my reward is a slow morning and first training session post-UK.

It looks I haven't gotten weaker after two weeks of vacation. I even asked my trainer to push me harder and I could keep up (barely).

Then, despite my jelly legs and arms, I decided to walk around Sakae for what ended up being 2 hours. Partly because I needed to pick up a Brita filter, partly because I knew I'd just pass out if I went straight home.

My thighs were already sore and now my feet hurt. Oops.

Just need to pick up a few more things at the drug store and supermarket and I can get ready for the stupid schedule I put in for the rest of the week.

The next month or so is all about keeping up. Then I'm changing up my work schedule to give me more me time. I'm already working less than most, but with the non-work responsibilities, me time is recovery time. I feel like every day is just keeping my head above water. It's not cool.

Time to take advantage of the freedom of schedule my job gives me.

Time to be better to myself.

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