Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Treating myself

I've gone ahead and picked up a set of fancy shampoo and conditioner. Not that I usually buy the cheapest stuff, but I don't get the expensive stuff either.

But after three perms, I figure I should give my hair a bit more love. And by that I mean more natural ingredients and less chemicals that I wouldn't understand even if they were written in English. I considered LUSH, but the staff at the two Nagoya stores I know are way too aggressive for my taste.

The fancy schmancy John Masters Organics shop near work had been catching my eye for a while and I dropped by after my shift today. The staff looked at my scalp (dry and slightly irritated) and hair (Even permed, she said it was quite healthy. Yay!) and suggested a shampoo conditioner pairing for me. And they smell so good!

It's still a while until my next hair salon visit when I can ask my stylist for advice, so I decided to put money on the table.

Another major plus is the service matches the price. Not overly agressive, but still quite helpful. At check-out, she even gave me simple instructions for how to wash my hair, which you'd think is obvious, but had some good points. Then she walked me out and handed me my new hair products. I'm the first to admit I'm a sucker for that kind of service. :)

Looking forward to my shower tomorrow morning.

Also, on the post-training soreness front, I can neither go up nor down stairs without wincing. Hurts so good!

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