Monday, October 5, 2015

Star Wars!

After today's training session (I'm going to feel that tomorrow. I predict calves and hamstrings.), I dropped by the Junkudo in the LOFT building to pick up the newest ONE PIECE and 図書館戦争.

Those in my possesion, I went up to the stationery floor and the variety floor Where lo and behold The Force Awakens merch! So much merch! I love that Japan loves Star Wars!

As I tried to contain my excitement, I realized that by pure coincidence I was wearing my Angels Star Wars Night shirt. Slightly embarrassing, but that didn't stop me from acquiring a glorious haul of merch. Will post pic later.

I have a bad feeling that I'm setting myself up for the same disappointment that came after Episode One, but I can't help myself. It looks awesome.

I'm supposed to do some translation tonight, but with two books and all the glorious Star Wars merch...Priorities. Right? :)

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