Thursday, October 29, 2015

Turning Pages: The Martian/An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth

I finished The Martian in a binge read last night (I should say, this morning) and it was worth it. Totally recommend it. An awesome read.

I need to wait until February to watch the movie, but グラスホッパー, Mockingjay, and The Force Awakens will keep me busy.

And so now I've moved on to a book I picked up in England. Another astronaut book. This time non-fiction.

I really enjoyed the TED talk Chris Hadfield gave and that drew me to his book in a bookstore in Penrith. I spent the cash then instead of waiting until I was back in Japan because I wanted something to entertain me on the train to London, and later, the flight back to Nagoya, but I got distracted.

Now with my brain totally about astronauts and reverting back to the space nerd I was as a kid (How nerdy? In high school, I won a gold medal in the Astronomy event at state level in Science Olympiad.), I've picked up the book again and am currently devouring it.

Good stuff.

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