Monday, November 9, 2015

At the theater: グラスホッパー After thoughts

I'm not entirely sure what I just saw.

I'm glad I watched the movie, but I also really want to see Uroboros when I get back to my room. Watching that man move makes me want to get stronger.

Toma definitely does a great job though. He flailed while running in a way that makes you forget that he's insanely fit.

I'm always amazed by Toma. I may not like the movies he does, but I love watching him. I find him to be convincing, even if he's often type cast as the cute loveable guy that you sympathize with. This movie is no exception.

I have hopes for 秘密 which is coming out next year. I hear his role is cold and calculating.

Alrighties. Tomorrow is two hours of dealing with one of the realities of living in Japan as a foreigner, even for a Japanese American. Then a bit of New Year card planning. Then the day is MINE!

I might go to the museum.

Then clean my room and dig out my climbing shoes. And winter outfits. But the shoes are priority.

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