Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday, Monday

Monday is my Saturday of a three-day weekend. Every week in November.

You hate me now, right?

Or at least you're jealous.

If you could see what I make each month and my bank account, you would be less so, but that's the price of freedom.

So I'm writing this on a post-training walk to Meieki to pick up or possibly order a book.

The mentally crappy week I had did a number on my posture and my daily planks and breathing exercises resulting in a rather pathetic effort on my part at times today but we got through it. Because my trainer's awesome.

As for the crappy week, I've come to the conclusion that my body, made resilient by over a year of training, no longer crashes after trips. Which is great. Except my brain probably used to take advantage of the down time to unwind and readjust. And now without a chance to breathe, it kind of shutdown and decided to resent reality.

November came just in time. I cut back on my workdays and will finally have a few days all to myself. Full days! You'd think a single 34-year-old would have so much free time, but no. Sure I had days without work, but part or all of it went to my grandmother's or training or volunteer work, of which the first two I gladly give my time to and the third, let's just say I'm biding my time.

But now, glorious guaranteed full days to purge my room of junk and organize my paperwork and get a grip on my life! To actually go to cafes and write letters all day. To go to museums and see stuff and be inspired. To take walks and sketch life. To blog. To make tea. To cook. To let my brain think up it's little plots. To be obsessive. To read. To watch movies. To send goodies to friends. To exercise. To start climbing again. To practice writing Japanese. To work on my Soseki project. To teach myself calligraphy. To be a more awesome me.

All the stuff that I had been putting on hold until I "had or found time". Well, I decided to make time. So there.

And I'm not sure why I wrote all that, but now I'm on the train back. Books and stationery purchased. Dropping by Komeda to indulge on a りんごノワール while I update my training notebook and write some letters and in my journal.

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