Monday, November 30, 2015

Morning stroll to the Post Office

I like my main local post office. The closest one to me, I still don't completely trust, but the big one is good.

They had a special line set up for people to pick up their "My Number" card. (I now officially am a 12-digit number in Japan just like I am a 9-digit number in the States.)

I found it amazing that out of the ten or so people who were in line ahead of me, half of them didn't bring photo ID with their address on it. It specifically said on the notice to bring ID with proof of address if you're picking it up at the post office. (I almost always walk down to the post office for the exercise and to save me from the paranoia while listening for the doorbell when I request re-delivery.)

Part of me would like to say "Dudes, the foreigner (who happens to be wearing a Capt. America shirt) is more on top of things than you people." But I know it's my obsessive personality that makes me check details, not in any way my nationality.

In anycase, the walk was quite nice and I was able to pick up some stamps while I waited at the post office and I made the copies I needed for work on the way back, so all in all, a productive morning.

Now to pack for training and a few days at my grandmother's.

It's December tomorrow. One year since I bought my beautiful Yosegi fountain pen. Less than two weeks until CreMa. And 18 days until The Force Awakens. I thought I'd be taking it easy in December, but I guess not. At least it's all fun stuff. :)

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