Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Tuesday Soreness Report: Need to learn muscle names

My glutes and adductors are sore. Those names I know. (Learned adductor this morning).

And what I think are my obliques (sides?) and my lats (back?) are also sore. Maybe my pectorals (chest? but right near my armpit).

Time to consult the Internets when I get to my grandmother's.

Soreness is still at "super slow stairs" and not yet "escalator" level. I'll probably be at my grandmother's by that time, thank goodness.

It's close though, sitting down and standing up are getting laughably painful.

Which is honestly why I decided to not work on Tuesdays. Mondays, I go to my training session. Tuesdays, I recover in comic soreness. This allows me to push harder on Mondays. Sometimes just to see how sore I'll be on Tuesdays.

Sure, I'm not working as much, but I am lucky enough that I can set my priorities that way. So I'm going to take advantage of it while I can.

Yeah, walking is starting to hurt.

Hurts so good!

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