Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday Soreness Report

Not as bad as I was afraid of. Which means I need to work harder next week.

My back around my shoulder blades were sore yesterday morning. My inner thighs and glutes started to be sore in the evening, but I didn't need the escalators.

This morning I slept until noon. But I think that's from general fatigue. Hunger finally dragged me out of bed and I'm headed down to a cafe on the other side of the river. Like one of my fave places, it's been there for years, but I just haven't gone.

Not sure what's up with my muscles, but my legs are getting all itchy like they do when I haven't walked for a while and I did almost 12,000 steps yesterday. Maybe I slept too long.

In anycase, it's a gorgeous day today. If I were I runner, I would have probably been out taking advantage of it much earlier.

Still enjoying it all the same.

Alrighties, found the place. Let's see how it is.

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