Friday, December 18, 2015

After the Theater: Star Wars Episode 7-The Force Awakens

On my way home. With BB-8.

No plot spoilers.

Though as far as I know, all of my Star Wars fan friends who would read this blog have already seen the movie.

As it should be.

Enough space?

Like I said, no plot spoilers.

I just want to say that I'm happy I get to look forward to Episode 8.


  1. I just saw it, too. Awesome stuff (with a couple small flaws).

    1. I was quite satisfied with Episode VII. I agree, some flaws, but every movie has its flaws. So much truer to the original trilogy than Episode I and that's all I really wanted.

  2. I won't get to watch it until the Christmas holiday! Thankful for the lack of spoilers! :D

    1. I will simply say, it didn't suck and I'm quite satisfied.

      Let's talk after you see it. :)