Friday, December 18, 2015


They're showing the Sherlock Christmas Special on the big screen!!!

In February. And limited release.

But still!

I may or may not have yelled out expletives when I saw the flyer. (And Samantha, expect to receive the pamphlet from me if there is one. I am deeply saddened you will not be here to watch it with.)

Getting the pre-sale ticket when I head back to the theater. Whee!


  1. I am SO SO excited about this! Wish you could join us over in the UK to watch it on New Year's Day...

    1. If it didn't cost so much to get over there, I would book a flight immediately. And then you'd have a Mel in your living room for New Year's. XD

      I was pretty sad because I wasn't sure of when I would see it, but now I know, so I'm good. I can wait a month and a half. Already got the pre-sale ticket. Might just take the day off for the occasion. :)