Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Back on the wall

Last month, I climbed for the first time in probably 3 years.

Back home, I had gotten into the habit of top-roping every week, even trying some lead climbing. Coming to Japan, without my top rope partner and faced with bouldering, which I wasn't very comfortable with, I still gave it a try a few times. My ineptitude bothered me. As did my general fear of falling and landing. I've hurt myself more than once when I landed weird.

I'm not entirely sure why I stopped, but I remember that it got harder and harder to return.

But I also missed it. And after a year of personal training, I decided to test out this body of mine that was getting stronger and gaining muscle.

That was December and it was depressing how bad I was. I was almost ready to give up all over again, but I had already enthusiastically said I'd go bouldering with a group from my training studio in the new year. I couldn't back out now. 

When the day came last week, I got to the gym about half an hour before everyone else (I had just seen The Force Awakens in 3D IMAX and the movie got out with perfect timing) and I tested myself on the walls that I had so miserably failed at a few weeks before. 

To my pleasant surprise, not too shabby. My brain apparently was able to access climbing memories and remind my body how to move. By the time I was climbing with folks from my training studio, I could hold my own. Barely, but I was sending problems and the fall back down to the mat wasn't giving me a mini-heart attack each time, so I call that a win. Plus I was having a ton of fun.

In fact, everyone had so much fun, it sounds like there's going to try and organize another climbing event in the near future.

Which brings me to today.

I made my way down to my local bouldering gym. It's only a 20 minute walk away. A bit small, but lots of problems that I've found to be set very well. I took my time, alternating between stretching, climbing, and thinking. It was good. Again, not great in any sense of the word, but enjoyable.

In fact, I'm trying to figure out how to make this a weekly thing. It's going to have to be Wednesdays when I'll still be sore from training on Monday and I'll be bringing in forearm soreness to work where I handwrite pages and pages of notes.

Not ideal, but I'll be climbing again. And that makes me happy.


  1. Good for you Mels! I'm seriously impressed by your climbing abilities - keep it up :)

    1. Thanks Cat! I'm still getting back into it, but looking forward to getting better at it. :)