Friday, January 8, 2016

Today is going to be a great day

Slept in. Took a shower. Did my toenails. My hair decided to show its perm just a bit. Yay!

Headed to the 109 theater to catch The Force Awakens in 3D IMAX. Whee! Wearing my other Star Wars shirt.

Then climbing with people from my training studio. Looking forward to it, but anxious would be an appropriate word to describe my current mental status on that. A group of a larger number of people than I'm used to, and half of them trainers, watching me as I awkwardly climb a wall. Yeah. Self-concious much?

But I'm just going to throw myself into it. A lesson in humility should be good for me.

I'm also looking forward to seeing how my trainers tackle bouldering. Plus they're an awesome group of people. It'll be fun. Just need to convince SociallyAwkward!Mel to just relax. :)

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