Thursday, March 3, 2016


Sometimes time just goes along while nothing happens. Sometimes everything happens at once. Part of it is my choice. Part of it is pure coincidence.

The universe seems to have decided March is a time for movement. Rather cliche, coming out of hibernation just in time for Spring, but I welcome it.

Next week is going to be a busy one. As well as the one after. Looking forward to it, but also already bracing for the inevitable free fall that will follow.

Will post with details as things happen. Nothing *really* major. Just lots of things.

Also, not really related, I discovered yesterday that I don't know how to draw a てるてる坊主 very well.


  1. You draw them well enough that I could recognise what you were drawing without zooming in! :)

    Hope the next few weeks go well, Mels. Try to keep rested x

    1. Thanks! These were all done staring at a page of Google image search. A bit of practice helped, but I still can't seem to understand what the basic shapes are. :)

      Will take it easy. Says the person who said she'd go to another social event on Sunday. This is going to be an interesting few weeks.