Sunday, March 27, 2016

Neko Atsume owns my soul

I started playing about two days ago and I can't stop checking in on my yard!

Just got the Mr.Dragonfly toy and Spooky already dropped by to try it out. Squee! So cute.

I haven't purchased any gold fish, but I'm considering it for the yard expansion. But then it doesn't stop.

So patient, yet constant figdeting with what I have it is!


  1. Oh my goodness what is this!? It looks like something I'd get addicted to very quickly too... Please tell me it's in Japanese and I wouldn't be able to work out what to do :)

    1. Basically, you set toys in your yard and cats come visit regardless of whether or not you're there to see them. If they happen to be there when you check in, you can take pictures of them. They leave fish as thanks for the hospitality and you use the fish to buy more toys. You can't even play with the cats, just watch them play or sleep. And yet it's so addictive. Come join! It's amazing. XD

    2. I've downloaded it...oh no, I can see how addictive this may become!