Thursday, May 5, 2016


Skipped out two weeks ago due to inescapable sleeping in, but I managed to go today. Taught my two lessons, then head over to the gym.

It wasn't as crowded as I expected and most groups left by 6ish. I was my usual loner self, trying to remind myself to focus (and not listen for my own voice on the radio) and use my back muscles instead of my forearms. Not bad. My balance has been improving recently as well and the falling doesn't scare me as much, so yay.

As the evening progressed, I uncharacteristically started up a conversation with two people who looked like beginners (not that I'm advanced in any way) and ended up trying the same problem with them (blue 25) as well as passing on advice I got from my trainer about stretching and my own experience about properly moisturizing.

Speaking of uncharacteristic, I even asked the staff for advice about the problem and I think I got it, but my hands were done by that point. Next time.

Which might be next week Friday-ish, if I can manage it.

But for tomorrow, I shall retreat into my introvert shell to recharge. Enough socializing for this week. I still need to work Saturday and Sunday.

And then it's Monday again. Yay for Mondays. Training day. And extra bonus since I took the whole of next week off.

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