Sunday, September 11, 2016

LAX to NGO: Good news, Bad news

This was definitely one of my more eventful journeys crossing the Pacific. Let's play Good news, Bad news.

Good news: Traffic to LAX wasn't that bad at all

Bad news: My flight was delayed by over an hour and scheduled to land when my connecting flight departed

Good news: Bradley Terminal has outlets and free wi-fi and security was insanely stress free

Bad news: My flight left even later than the delayed time

Good news: The flight itself was smooth enough, watched a bunch of superhero movies (Civil War, X-Men: Apocalpse, and Batman v Superman) and sitcoms (HIMYM and Friends), and we landed before my connecting flight

Bad news: It was still only 30 minutes before my next flight

Good news: The flight attendants moved me to the back of the plane just before landing to go up the stairs and walk through first class to get out faster

Bad news: First class folk are really slow when it comes to getting their stuff together (though I don't blame them)

Good news: Still got off the plane in record time

Bad news: I needed to get from Gate 10 to Gate 35

Good news: A staff member met the Nagoya-bound folk and drove us to the closest security check point in one of those carts. And she went FAST and helped us cut the security line.

Bad news: After security, we were on our own and of course Gate 35 was at the end of the hall. Like all the way.

Good news: After a mad dash (2 minutes, according to my smartphone), I got on the plane on time.

Bad news: My suitcase did not.

Good news: Once I got to Nagoya, the staff were really good about guiding me through what to do paperwork-wise and stuff

Bad news: I have to wait until Monday to get my suitcase

Good news: They're delivering my suitcase, so tonight I'm going back to the house with just my backpack and regular bag and I don't need to ride the train or walk up the hill with my suitcase.

Bad news: My reserved seat on the train was next to a smoker who obviously had one or two between getting off the plane and getting on the train

Good news: Still relatively new smartphone kept me relatively pre-occupied and got back to my room quite smoothly.

Bad news: Autumn has yet to arrive in Japan and the humidity is still hanging in the air.

Good news:  Took a shower and got refreshed. Checked Netflix in Japan for the first time (subscribed back in SoCal because Stranger Things) and realized that not only can I still access a lot of American dramas, a bunch of Fuji TV dramas are on there, including Galileo.

Bad news: There is a very good chance I'm just going to binge watch this and not sleep tonight.

Good news: I'm in my PJs in my bed. Safe and sound. Good night.

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