About Me/About this Blog

The Obligatory "About Me" Page.

I am a Japanese/American Shizuokan/Southern Californian Golden Bear Librarian-by-degree currently residing in Nagoya, Japan and teaching English because it pays the bills and because it's kinda fun.

This Blog.

In the past, this blog has recorded my library school life in Boston as well as random snippets of my return to SoCal.

Currently it's random posts from my cell phone of my everyday life in Japan: commuting to work, fangirling, watching movies, reading books, buying things, partaking of some food and drink, and generally aiming to misbehave.

Blog Name Origin.

"Playing White Noise" is a translation of a lyric from a song by one of my favorite bands. At first, it just sounded cool, but I've come to see it as permission to post what I want to post.